My first blog

So I am full-time student at Cerritos College, studying Music Production and Technology. I’m just starting out in terms of equipment. I just got a laptop and some software. I just recently ordered an Audio Interface. I was shopping around on the web and I ended up just going with Guitar Center. I’ve bought new and used gear from them before so I figured something like this wouldn’t be a different process. So I purchase the item and have it shipped to where I live. Took about three business days which was awesome. I open the box and realize that the only thing in this box is the interface. This interface takes a power supply which could’ve fit inside the box(considering the box was abnormally big for an item that wasn’t). I realize that it probably doesn’t come with it. I was a little mad because I figured if were to buy that from anyone, you would want the power supply that came with it. Now I’m not saying GC is a horrible place and what not, I’m just saying that the GC salesperson who bought this from a customer should’ve thought that :”Hey, maybe this comes with a power supply” or, “Where is the power supply, I probably shouldn’t buy this because it’s not complete”. Yeah some might say that it’s just a power supply and that I could probably get one from somewhere that’ll fit and what not, but the fact that I payed $275.00 for it and it didn’t come with a power supply and the other item that was pictured with it. Might I also mention that GC has the some description for all their used items, which is “Item is in excellent condition”, and something like it’s backed by them for usage or something like that. In addition, they only post one picture of the item. So all in all, I am taking it back to the nearest GC and probably buying this interface from somewhere else.

My first blog

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